Monday, February 15, 2010

Burcu Cetinkaya no IRC

Female racers always get our attention but more often than not, it is their ability to handle a car that gets our attention, not their looks for obvious reasons. But every once in a while, a real hot racer comes along and rocks our world, like how Danica Patrick did. Well since Danica has Indy covered for us, and the chances of seeing a female F1 racer are quite slim for now, rally is the next ideal stage.

So meet Burcu Cetinkaya. She’s 28-years old, and a hardcore rally driver. She’s been rallying since she was a teenager and grew up idolising her dad’s all-wheel-drive Opel Calibra which she eventually owned and crashed a few times. That’s not exactly normal female thinking but who said female racers are your normal average “I-want-a-Louis-Vuitton-handbag-and-I’ll-spread-my-legs-to-get-it” girls ?? They’re everything we petrol heads want and dare I say it – need !! Here’s Burcu’s story.

Source: YouTube via AutoBlog

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Anita e Miguel said...

Isto é que vale a pena trazer ao SATA...! E se desisitirem cedo até haverá quem não se importe, desde que a equipa continue a seguir a prova a par e passo! ;)