Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aconselhamento - A rever com muita urgência!

Match Point - 2005
Tagline: Passion Temptation Obsession
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 124 minutes

Film Remarks:

Woody Allen emerged from the moviemaking wilderness in 2005 with his cool, elegant thriller Match Point. The movie is a modern retelling of American literature classic A Place in the Sun by Theodore Dreiser.

Filmed in London with many British actors, the film had a fresh, clear vitality which had become submerged in recent years. Rhys-Meyers supurbly plays an ex pro tennis player who leaves his poor Irish background to climb London society circles.

Scarlett Johansson debuts in Match Point as well, going on to become Allen's female favorite lead for a new slate of movies.

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Miguel Bettencourt said...

Fiquei curioso, tenho de ver o filme.