Saturday, February 26, 2011

Estamos completamente viciados em Golfe!!

You know your addicted to golf when...

* you have played when it's 35 degrees out.
* you take your own putter to play mini golf.
* you know who David Leadbetter is.
* you can use MOI in a sentence.
* all of your pants have a tees in the pockets.
* your one hand is clearly more tan than the other.
* you know your last 5 scores but not your moms's age.
* you call in sick on the day your new clubs are to arrive.
* you keep your clubs in your trunk at all times "just in case."
* a perfectly manicured lawn gets you more excited than pictures of Cindy Crawford topless.
* you have club marks on a ceiling somewhere in your house.
* when traveling you're more excited to see a golf course than unusual wildlife.
* you're known to start swinging your shoulders and pivoting your hips in the middle of conversations
* you go to Hooters once a week "to support John Daly."
* you have played through drenching rain to avoid slower groups.
* you'll practice your swing with anything; a tv remote, a stick in the woods, a broom or your kids' toys.
* you recognize Johnny Miller's voice and can instantly tune it out like your wife's.
* you're on every golf retailers catalog mailing list (and actually read them all).
* when discussing architecture you mention Ross, Nicklaus, and PB Dye.
* there is home video of your golf swing for the purpose of "analyzation.
* when someone says its 56 degrees outside you start thinking about your sand wedge.
* you know who Sam Woods is and dream of your toddler someday marrying her.
* you have said "I am broke, "I never have any time," and "Do you want to go golfing tomorrow?" all in the same conversation.
* you've ducked behind a tree when you realize your boss is on the course too.
* you can identify the differences between bent, bermuda and poa anna grass.

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