Saturday, January 05, 2008

You're gonna get bit. And when you're bit, that's it.


In 1994, after being cut off in traffic, Nicholson used a golf club to smash another motorist's windshield. It was (and still is) the most famous instance of road rage meeting golf tantrum."I was out of my mind," he said later, referring to the rugged schedule of a film he was directing and the recent death of a friend. The case was settled out of court when he wrote the other driver a check, reportedly for $500,000. One mystery remained: What club had he used? News reports called it a wedge or a 5-iron; others said 3-iron and 9-iron. Jack had never specified -- until now."I was on my way to the course, and in the midst of this madness I some-how knew what I was doing," he says, "because I reached into my trunk and specifically selected a club I never used on the course: my 2-iron."Case closed.
It's Jack's world. We just play in it," says comic Tom Dreesen, a single-digit handicapper who knows the local rules. "Say you're 130 yards out, and he's 140. He hits. You watch his ball go by. Then you start to hit your shot, and zip -- another ball whizzes past. Then he'll drop another, and that one zips by."Why put up with that? He's Jack. It's fun. I'll never forget one time on the sixth hole at Lakeside, a par 3. Jack pushes his tee shot into a bunker. He blasts out over the green, out-of-bounds. Takes a drop in the bunker. Blasts out again -- over the green again. Chips on. Misses the putt. Finally he knocks it in, and he walks off the green with that ear-to-ear smile and says, 'These [freakin'] bogeys are killing me!'
What keeps you working at it?
Working at golf? You keep at it because you love it, because the game puts your head in a different place. It's totally engrossing. I mean, obviously I've had romantic setbacks. But women, career, all the things that consume you -- it all goes away on the golf course. You can't think about your girlfriend. You can't think about anything else but the next shot. It's the greatest therapy there is.
I tell people who don't play, "You don't understand golf. I can play this game as well as Tiger ... for a very short time. There's one shot a hole between me and the best golfers in the world -- and 25 million other players between me and the best golfers in the world."


jobé said...

já o vejo. a rachar cabeças no meio da rua de jesus, com o seu ferro 7. lol

Anonymous said...

ás vezes apetece mesmo, bater umas pela rua abaixo!!

ah ah ah